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  Year: 2000 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 105-108
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Dubravka DEVAJA STRIBER, Svetozar ZDRAVKOVIC, Radovan MARKOV, Vladimir Vit. BALTIC
  Background: Video broadcasting of surgical procedures is an important toll for education, training and consultation. Real-time video through ISDN line is known for its medium quality, but for the country with medium developed telecommunication infrastructure such as Yugoslavia, it has the basic role for video broadcasting and video-conferencing. The aim of this article was to point out the possibility of transmission of live video signal via ISDN line for Wide Area Network and to give the suggestion to the doctors for using this in their every day practice. On the other side, every institution which has Local Area Network must no hesitate to use it for broadcasting of various video signals.
Materials and Methods: Transmission of live video oncological surgery is done by using computer technology and Local Area Network with basic characteristics: Fast Ethernet technology (IEEE 802.3micron) switch as active network equipment and TCP/IP as network communication protocol. The personal computers have standard business configuration for video-conferencing and Microsoft Windows 98 as operating system. Transmission of live video oncological surgery from distant place using Wide Area Network technology is done by ISDN interface cards using both B channels of Base ISDN connector.
Results: On December 16, 1998 it was a live transmission of a picture from operating room gynecological operation, into the Congress hall of the Institute. During the operation, some consultations were necessary with Center for imaging diagnostic. In the second live transmission - the laparascopic surgery using WAN we transmitted two operations: the laparoscope's cholecystectomy operation and the colorectal carcinoma.
Conclusion: Telemedicine used in surgical training can become a powerful tool to teach and monitor complex surgical procedures at distant medical facilities. Institute of oncology is interested in established telemedicine in the areas surgery, pathology, gynaecology and internal medicine.
  Key words: Oncology; Telemedicine; Telesurgery; Live video broadcast; LAN/WAN
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