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  Year: 2005 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 35-40
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Bajic D, Loncar-Turukalo T, Sibarevic O.
  Pregnancy after complete treatment of metastatic melanoma is an extremely rare event. We presented a case of a skin melanoma patient with lung and liver metastases who was treated by combined immunochemotherapy for the period of two years. A year and a half after the successful treatment, which resulted a complete remission of metastatic lesions she got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.Heart rate variability analysis represents one of the most promising and the most commonly used quantitative measures of the cardiovascular autonomic regulatory system. The analysis includes traditional statistical analytical tools and a number of new methods based on nonlinear system theory, recently developed to give better insight into complex HR. This paper introduces a direct sequential analysis.
  Key words: Heart Rate; Sequence Analysis: Entropy; Data Interpretation, Statistical; Models, Statistical; Models, Theoretical
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