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  Year: 2006 | Volume: 14 | Issue: 3-4 | Pages: 115-117
  Original Article
Nikolic M, Mitrovic V, Lukic N, Lazarevic K.
  DOI: 10.2298/AOO0604115N
  Background: Objective of the study was to determine the differences in distribution of the most important nutritional risk factors for cancer among healthy population of Nis, men and women, in order to carry out adequate measures of prevention.
Methods: 388 people were involved in the study, randomly selected and they completed the authorized questionnaire concerning their eating habits, marital status and smoking habits. Body mass index was determinated also. Participantsf nutritive profile concerning risk factors was determined by giving points to each factor such as number of daily portions of fruits, vegetables, and cereal, daily intakes of red meat, table salt, and alcohol and obesity. c2-test was applied to determine if there is statistically significant difference among risk factors concerning sex and marital status. Student t-test was applied to determine if there is statistically significant difference among medium values of points of risk concerning sex and marital status.
Results: According to the results, the population of Ni. is at medium risk for cancer. The number of points between 18 and 27 was considered medium risk. Women are at lower risk to develop cancer than men (t=6.66, p>0.01), regarding nutritional risk factors, the some for singles (t=2.38, p>0.01). Vegetables (c2=3.29, p<0.01) and salt (c2=2.15, p<0.01) intake was not statistically different among men and women, while cereal (c2=10.96, p<0.01), alcohol (c2=13.48, p<0.01), and table salt (c2=29.01, p<0.01), intake was higher among singles. Singles were of heavier weight than married ones (c2=19.66, p<0.01).
Conclusion: Prevention of cancer should be based on higher intake of fruit and lower intake of red meat, as well as, giving up smoking and alcohol and regulating weight.
  Key words: Neoplasms; Risk Factors; Nutrition; Eating; Diet
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