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  Year: 2007 | Volume: 15 | Issue: 3-4 | Pages: 100-105
  Special Article
Baltic V, Baltic M.
  DOI: 2298/AOO0704100B
  Nikola Tesla was an ingenious and briliant scintifist which contributed to the science and technology prosperity of the world. Nikola Tesla discovered high frequency oscillator 1891 year, and afterwards, single electrode X-ray tube without target electrode, electron („particles charged with electricity“), Bremsstrahlung or „breaking radiation“ or „very special radiation“ (X-radiation) in 1892 year, biological hazards of X-rays, and more about 700 inventions, and 112 patents. Tesla's research work in the field of X-rays was stoped in 1895 becouse burned in his laboratory. When W. C. Röntgen 1895, recognition X-rays, Tesla restored his work on this field and sent Röntgen a telegram with congratilations and Röntgen shows obtained with X-ray tubes which operated with high frequency currents. Tesla discovered many secret of nature.
  Key words: Nikola Tesla; X-Ray; Tesla's Oscillator; Vacuum Tubes; Biological Hazards
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