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  Year: 1997 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 27-28
  Case Report
Jasna PESIC, Dragutin DONAT, Ljiljana MILJKOVIC, Jovan STOJKOV
  Recently a new trend has been noted related to the incidence of testicular cancer. Thanks to the up-to-date methods in the treatment of the disease, which involves a multidisciplinary work of a team of physicians of various specialization, testicular cancer is a curable disease of high degree. This paper presents a patient treated at our Institute for disseminated testicular cancer (massive bilateral changes in lungs, palpable tumorous mass in abdomen, and a significantly increase of both tumor markers). After a semicastration had chemotherapy at first and second line, according to the PEB and PEI protocols. As there was no remission as a respond to the applied therapy and having in mind the young age of the patient and his general physical condition, being not in the position to apply high dosage chemotherapy we decided to use modified VAB-6 protocol (without Bleomycin). Standard controls after VAB-6 therapy confirmed a complete remission of pulmonary metastases, partial remission of retroperitoneal tumor and complete normalization of tumor markers. According to that results resection of residual retroperitoneal tumor had been performed. Pathohistological finding was negative in term of malignancy, meaning that therapy according to the VAB-6 protocol had practically induced the complete remission of retroperitoneal metastases. This was our first treated according to VAB-6 protocol as third line of chemotherapy. The obtained results are indicative ones and point to the necessity of more comprehensive study of this therapy procedure.
  Key words: Third line of chemotherapy; Testicular Cancer; VAB-6
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