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  Year: 1997 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 49-51
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Ioannis VAITSOPOULOS, Triantafyllos KAREMFYLLIS, Orpheus ANTONOGLOU, Dimitrios KOURETAS, Sotirios KOUKOURIKOS, Lazaros BOUTIS, Konstantonos SOULIS, Gerasimos PAVLIDIS, Alexander H. KORTSARIS
  Background: Neuroendocrine gut and pancreatic tumors constitute about 2% of all malignant neoplasms. The incidence of patients with malignant tumors and the carcinoid syndrome is around 0.5/100.000 and with endocrine pancreatic tumors 0.4/100.000. Because of the tumorís rarity, sometimes episodic expression, and diffuse clinical symptoms, patients are diagnosed rather late in the advanced stages of the disease. Therefore, the treatment of choice surgery is rarely curative and medical treatment is necessary. In order to identify pancreatic cancer patients at any early stage, many biochemical markers have been tested.
Methods: To distinguish various diseases with pancreatic involvement we have used six different biological markers including four enzymes and two nonenzymatic proteins. Except amylase which has been measured using kit, all the other markers were measured by analytical methods which were established or modified by the authors.
Results: The results obtained show a different profile in patients with disease of pancreatic disorders. These diseases were classified in three main groups; cancer of pancreas, acute pancreatitis and pancreatitis due to chololithiasis. Because of the different normal values in men and women the results of the SHBG are shown in two different signs.
Conclusion: The usefulness of the simultaneous measurement of many markers in patients with cancer is once more confirmed in this work. We obtained more useful.
  Key words: Biological markers; Pancreas carcinoma; Pancreatitis; Chololithiasis
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