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  Year: 1997 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 57-59
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Jadranka RAVIC, Marija TESIC, Branko NEDIC, Smilja LONCAR
  Background: This study was made in order to analyse work on prevention and discovering of cervical cancer by means of opportune detection considering that screening actions, although well known, could not be permanently and widely applied not even in more developed countries. Our attitude is that each woman coming for check-up should be examined cytologically and colposcopically because this is, as we realised, the only way for discovering carcinoma of the cervix.
Methods: In the period between 1993-1986, 19,778 women were examined for the first time. In 7,610 (38.48%) cases besides usual physical examination, women were also examined cytologically and colposcopically. The cervix biopsy was done depending on the previous results.
Results: The results were as follows: 100 patients had L-SIL (low grade of squamous intraepithelial lesions) and 50 H-SIL (high grade of squamous intraepithelial lesionschanges. Microinvasive carcinoma was found in 6 (average age 39.0) and invasive in 17 cases (average age 47.29). It makes a total of 2.27% preinvasive and invasive lesions of the cervix. In cases of L-SIL, cytology was positive in 43% and normal colposcopy in only 2 cases. Average age was 37.40 years (range age: 21-60). In cases of H-SIL, 58% were suspected of positive cytology and 100% patients had atypical colposcopic findings. Average age for this group was 35.56 years (range age: 24-61). Conisation has been applied in 94% of cases with H-SIL as well as in L-SIL cases manifesting high potentialHPV (Human Papiloma Virus) infection. Pathohystology was overrated in 22% of cases comparing with preoperative diagnosis.
Conclusion: We think that these results are very important and that this line of work is only correct in prevention of cervical carcinoma.
  Key words: Cervical cancer; L-SIL; H-SIL; Opportune detection
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