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  Year: 1997 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 71-73
  Actual Problem
Biljana KOCIC, Slavenka JANKOVIC, Jelena MARINKOVIC, Branislav PETROVIC, Branislav TIODOROVIC, Sladjana FILIPOVIC
  A case-control study comprised 106 female patients with histologically verified breast cancer and 106 hospital controls matched with respect to age (3 years). To obtain information regarding diet, the food-frequency questionnaire was used. T-test and the conditional logistic regression analysis were applied in the study. The case-control analysis confirmed an increased risk of breast cancer associated with consumption of alcohol, pork, beef, meat products, giblets, eggs, butter, a dairy dish, refined sugar and sweets. An inverse association between breast cancer risk and intake of fish, unripe cheese, yogurt, vegetable oil, carotenoid-containing vegetables and fruits, fresh vegetables, cornmeal and black bread was reported.
  Key words: Breast cancer; Diet; Epidemiology; Risk factors
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