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  Year: 1997 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 129-134
  Review Article
Mateja OPACIC, Jelena BATINIC, Svetlana JANKOVIC, Antonije SKOKLJEV, Dejan RAKOVIC, Djordje KOZIC, Djuro KORUGA
  In this paper, a short review of the existing mathematical models of cell proliferation kinetics is given. The multicompartmental model of the healthy and malignant cells with control in state space is given. The optimization method of the therapeutic process, which would an optimal drug administration make possible in the manner that maximizes the recovery of the normale tissue and the destruction of the tumor tissue is presented. The basic concepts of the fuzzy logic theory in the biological systems modeling with an example of the fuzzy system for optimization of therapeutic process are proposed.The possibility of modeling biological neurons of artificial neural network is presented. On these grounds the modeling of functions of other types of biological cells is considered, as well as the YIN-YANG model of their functioning. Some possible applications of expert systems in medicine are reviewed, alongside with the proposal for development of the hybrid model based on Yin-Yang concept of carcinogenic cell functioning. Based on contemporary biophysical and physiological knowledge about complex regulatory Yin-Yang mechanisms of the organism, significance of the maintenance and normalization of homeostasis, the immunological aspects of the normal and carcinogenic cell functioning are considered. As such complex systems request combination of the exisiting expert knowledge and neural networks functioning, which does not need fully precise information about functional relationship of many relevant biological factors, one can expect an integrative approach in future investigations, and further breakthroughs in deeper understanding of the functioning of Yin-Yang system on the cell and organism levels. Such an approach can contribute to more efficient application of biochemical and biophysical methods in immunology and oncology.
  Key words: Neural networks; Expert systems; Cancer cell; Yin-Yang model
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