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  Year: 1997 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 143-145
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  Background: Water soluble fullerenes have recently been shown to exibit considerable in vitro biological activity including enzyme inhibition , antiviral activity, site selective DNA cleavage, electron transfer, cytotoxicity and other in vitro and in vivo biological effects. In this research effect of C60(OH)24 on tubulin polymerization into microtubule as well as effect on proliferation of HEP2 cells and phytohemagglutinin - stimulated lymphocytes were evaluated.
Methods: Microtubules were isolated by the three cycles of temperature-dependent assembly and disassembly.The rate and extent of microtubule formation were determined by turbidimetric measurments.The tubulin subunits were incubated in reassembly buffer with or without C60(OH)24 and examined in a transmission electron microscope.The effect of C60(OH)24 on the kinetic of the cell growth was investigated on human lymphocyte cultures and on HEP2 epidermoid carcinoma cell cultures.
Results: The electron micrographs of tubulin preparations treated by C60(OH)24 shows a very dense and numerous globular protein assemblies. The addition of C60(OH)24 in solution at steady state did not induce the rapid disappearance of microtubules. The inhibition of cell growth by fullerene was determined on HEP2 carcinoma cell cultures and on lymphocyte cultures.
Conclusion: The results of this investigation shows that C60(OH)24 might inhibits cell growth apparently via inhibition of mitotic spindle formation.These findings opens up the new possibility of investigation of fullerenes as potential antitumor drugs.
  Key words: Microtubule; Tubulin; Fullerene; Proliferation; HEP2 cells; Human lymphocytes
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