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  Year: 1998 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 9-11
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Marija TESIC
  Background: The paper presents results of the study of risk factors in cervical cancer for the population of Vojvodina, Serbia.
Methods: We surveyed one group of 956 patients with diagnosed invasive cervical cancer and the control group of 501 patients with gynecological illnesses other than the cancer.The statistical analysis includes standard statistical methods and some specific like: the odds ratio (Fliess) for relative risk,the 95% interval of trust for dihotomic factors (Miettinen). Chi-square test for linear trend (Mantel), 95% interval of trust (Cornfield) and the relative risk of one RF adjusted to the relative risk of the effect of the other RF (Mantel).
Results: The results show that the risk is higher in patients with multiple marriages, less educated and less informed patients, and in patients with low social and economic well being. The risk of cervical cancer is also higher in patients who started with sexual activity in adolescence, patients with higher number of sexual partners and chronic infections of cervix and vagina, and in patients who did not practice contraception. We also found the synergistic effect of low income, sexual activity in adolescence, and multiple sexual related factors on cervical cancer.
Conclusion: All persons with more of these factors are at high risk for the development of cervix uteri carcinoma and should undergo periodical screening examinations every year.
  Key words: Cervical cancer; Risk factors
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