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  Year: 1998 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 95-97
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  Background: Abnormal bleeding occurs in about one-third of patients with symptomatic uterine myoma. Estradiol increases a number of glandular mitosis in endometrium. Binding of thimidin in endometrium increases during follicular phase. Methotrexat is an antimetabolite drug that inhibits enzyme dihydrofolat-reductase. Due to that cells have a lack of reduced folan acids and therefore there is no possibility for synthesis of thimidin. The aim of this study is to evaluate effects of subendometrial methotrexat injections in perimenopausal women with symptomatic myoma uteri, on menstrual bleeding and volume of myomas.
Methods: Fourteen premenopausal women with myoma uteri were analyzed. Methotrexat was applied as subendometrial injection in follicular phase, in dose of 5mg/2ml per cycle during three menstrual cycles in total dose of 15mg. The Pictorial Blood Loss Assesment Chart (PBAC) was used to assess the level of menstrual flow, before, through and after therapy. The volume of myoma before and therapy with Aloha 640 ultrasound was measured.
Results: Analysis of mean values of PBAC score before therapy and A second cycle showed a statistically significant decrease in menstrual flow (t=11.49 p<0.0001). The most evident difference between a mean value in PBAC scores was observed before and after therapy completition (t=20.47 p<0.001). The difference in the volume of myomas before and after therapy was tested by Wilcoxon pair sample test. The volume of myomas was diminished with statistical significance of z=3.17 p=0.0015
Conclusion: These preliminary results suggest that metotrexat can be useful in the treatment of perimenopausal women with symptomatic myoma uteri.
  Key words: Leiomyma + drug therapy; Methotrexate + therapeutic use; UTERINE NEOPLASMS + drug therapy
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