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  Year: 1999 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 1-3
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Konstantinos ZERVAS, Efthimia VLAHAKI, Marina KARAKANTZA, Grammati GALAKTIDOU, Alexandros H. KORTSARIS
  Background: According to the clinical experience it is well known that the role of interferon in the therapy of multiple myeloma is controversial. In the last few years a measurement of the IFN-alfa receptors in patients leukocytes arised new possibilities to predict the sensitivity of the patients to IFN-alfa.
Methods: Myeloma cell lines were grown in RPMI 1640 medium supplemented with FBS, penicillin and streptomycin. The sensitivity of the cells to IFN-alfa was estimated by measuring the 23 oligo (A) synthetase induction using a method previously described by the authors. The IFN-alfa receptors were calculated by a 125I-labelled HuIFN-alfa binding assay. Cells were incubated with 125I HuIFNa-2b at five different concentrations. To assay the non-specific binding, a 100 fold excess of HurIFNa-2b was added with the labelled IFNalfa-2b. The receptors were expressed as receptor sites/cell.
Results: Two new human myeloma cell lines are established in our laboratory derived from the bone marrow of two patients with IgAk multiple myeloma at a diagnosis. Both of the cell lines were sensitive to IFN-alfa and this sensitivity correlated with the induction of 25 oligo (A) synthetase. Only one of the two cell lines had measurable IFN-alfa receptors.
Conclusion: The two cell lines were sensitive to IFN-alfa and both of them induced a 25 oligo (A) synthetase, however only one cell line had detectable INF-alfa receptors. This observation is under a further investigation and probably suggests that the activation of the complex between the IFN-alfa and the IFN-alfa receptors is not a simple phenomenon.
  Key words: Myeloma cell lines; IFN-alfa receptors; 25 oligo (A) synthetase
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