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  Year: 1999 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 9-12
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Mladenko VASILJEVIC, Milan DJUKIC, Nikola ANTIC, Atanasije MARKOVIC, Slobodan RUNIC, Aleksandar JURISIC, Snezana RAKIC, Elijana GARALEJIC, Svetlana DIKIC, Lidija TASIC
  Background: Ovarian cancer remains the most common cause of death from gynecologycal malignancy. In the early stage of the disease there are few characteristics symptoms or signs, and as a result the majority of women with this disease present at stage III of IV when palliation is often the only realistic management strategy.
Materil and Methods: In a two-year period we prospectively investigated 130 patients who had undergone laparotomy due to malignant and benign ovarian tumors. The mean age of patients with malignant ovarian tumors was 55.64 years, and of those with benign ovarian tumors 51.27%. Ultrasound examination were performed on the ALOKA SSD 680 color Doppler ultrasound using 5MHz transvaginal probe.
Results: Suspect malignancy following the color Doppler blood flow analysis was registered in 33 (91.67%) out of 36 patients with malignant ovarian tumors. Their color Doppler blood flow analysis showed a low resistance index (<0.40). In 3 (8.33%) out of 36 patients, the color Doppler blood flow analysis was not suspect of malignancy (RI>0.40). In these cases, the histological analysis of the operated specimen confirmed malignant ovarian tumor. The average systolic blood velocity in blood vessels of malignant ovarian tumors was 13.425.6 cm sec, while the diastolic blood flow velocity was 7.303.6 cm sec. In diagnosis of malignant ovarian tumors, the positive predictive value of color Doppler blood flow analysis was 86.64% specificity was 94.68%, sensitivity 91.67% and the negative predictive value 96.74%.
Conclusion: The transvaginal color Doppler sonography represents a significant non-invasive diagnostic methods for differenciating benign from malignant tumors.
  Key words: Ovarian neoplasms; Ovarian malignancies; Ovarian carcinoma; Transvaginal color Doppler blood flow
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