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  Year: 1999 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 39-40
  Ladies and gentlemen journalists,
Ask yourselves how many newborn infants, babies, mothers giving birth, pregnant women and disabled suffer in the action "Noble Angel". We still have no complete data, because clearing away debris and identification of those who have lost their lives is rather difficult, due to intensified NATO bombing. These are familiar pictures of well known events whose victims were children, women, old people, health workers, moving in the wrong direction - to Kosovo. Grdelica, April 12; Djakovica, April 14 when a convoy of refugees was bombed; Lužane, May 1; Savine Vode, May 5; Koriša, May 14. Let me remind you of Aleksinac and Surdulica destroyed to such an extent, that it must have exceeded expectations of those who planned the action.
What can one say about 115 damaged health institutions? What about the Health Center in Aleksinac, which is merely a ruin after NATO bombing? What to say about the hospital in Pancevo, especially about the Maternity Ward where a delivery was in progress during the air raid? That night 7 babies were born, not by their wish, in this ward and only miraculously did not end up as collateral damage. What can one say about the hospital in Valjevo, which is just one of the many in this country for which Geneva Convention is just a dead letter? You asked me there if I thought it had been done by dumb, or intelligent bombs. I am a physician, I am not an expert on bombs and for me all bombs are dumb, because they kill the innocent. What to say about the Clinical Center in Niš, which had been bombed by forbidden cluster bombs? What about the white flag with a red cross at the roof of the Clinic of Infectious Diseases, beside which several unexploded forbidden cluster bombs were found? What can one say about corpses torn to pieces and those who have survived being a legitimate target only to NATO pilots? What to say about the Clinical Center "Dr. Dragiša Mišovic" which had been a collateral damage three times, and then a central target of the "brave NATO pilots"? What can one say about a direct hit at the Intensive Care Unit of the Neurological Department with immobile patients; 3 patients were killed; about a woman undergoing cesarean section at the moment of attack and injured; about patients of the Urology Clinic under anesthesia just after surgery? What to say about the personnel of KBC? Many were injured, but nevertheless they helped evacuating patients from that part of that part of the hospital. What about the guard who was murdered? What about the director who left the coronary unit to be in charge saving what was left of his hospital?
I wish to remind you, ladies and gentlemen, about the panic in America caused by the radio drama of H. G. Wells in April 1, 1939, when the citizens of this country believed they were attacked by aliens.
I wish to remind you of two occasions when light went out in New York City, being remembered about consequences on civilians: increased number of rapes, robberies, murders and many other criminal acts.
And now you are here because you want to be personally convinced that shortage of electricity and water has negative effects on work of health institutions and to see if these effects are really that negative to deserve the attention of your auditorium. You wish to see if this is enough to call the attention of those who make decisions about bombing, to the fact that electric power systems are not military, but civilian targets and that by making them legitimate targets, they have endangered survival of the weakest in this country who cannot endanger safety of the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and other participants of this aggression. Or maybe you believe that a furious premature born infant weighing 800 grams from incubator, which cannot work without electricity and water, should attack some of the planes or God forbid some other targets of interest of countries aggressors? Maybe a genocidal patient on dialysis could attack a visible or invisible target in our sky? Maybe a pregnant woman will expel those Albanians who have not been expelled from Kosovo, or a child with cerebral paralysis in his wheelchair will chase your land forces and so endanger safety of NATO alliance.
Without electricity, which directly causes shortage of water, every day during 24 hours the following patients' lives are in danger:
- 9.500 hospitalized intensive care patients;
- 300 premature newborn infants in incubators and artificial ventilation (in regard to the same period in 1998, mortality of these children has already increased 8% during the war);
- 2.000 patients with kidney diseases on dialysis (in our country there are 4.500 patients on dialysis);
- 400 patients with malignant diseases who need radiotherapy;
- 1.000 hospitalized patients whose surgical procedure is in progress;
- 30.000 people who need urgent laboratory and microbiology diagnosis;
- 12.000 patients whose x-ray diagnosis is in progress;
- 500 patients who need CT diagnosis;
- 200 patients who need NMR diagnosis;
- 200 patients whose nuclear medicine examination is in progress;
Due to the same reasons chemical, epidemiological and microbiological analyses of drinking water are not possible in more that 250 communities and regional water-supply systems, and therefore practically health of the whole population of the Republic of Serbia is jeopardized.
3.500 children with cerebral paralysis must stay indoors, because it is impossible to use elevators and charge batteries necessary for their wheelchairs.
If NATO perseveres in selecting military targets in this way in our country, we shall be the healthiest nation in the world in a very short time, because all the sick will die. It will of course affect our combat readiness and the moral of the healthy and those who survive and so aggressors are not going to need 150.000 soldiers of land forces. They will need much more soldiers, because their enemies are going to be healthy people ready to defend themselves, very much in the mood for the NATO who liberated them from their beloved because disease and weakness had been their destiny.
That's why I wish once more to remind you and ask you to ask yourselves every morning how many genocidal babies, genocidal women giving birth, genocidal pregnant women, genocidal children, genocidal patients were killed in the last 24 hours. Ask yourselves every morning not for our sake. Ask yourselves every morning for your sake.

P.S.After this report, there were no questions. There was no need!
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