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  Year: 1999 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 63-65
  Actual Problem
  Quality control (QC) in radiotherapy dosimetry (RTD), as a very important part of national QC program, is a subject widely spread not only to the hospitals and dosimetry laboratories, but to other relevant authorities responsible to establish and to implement the QC program at a national level. Two approaches of intercomparisons from metrology assurance point of view are realized. Intercomparisons of radiotherapy beams, as a measure of physical quantity, and intercomparisons of radiotherapy dosimeters, as instruments for quantification. The aim of national intercomparisons is estimation of dose uniformity in radiotherapy centers, as well as introducing of some corrective programs if it is necessary. The current state of all activities directed to development of quality control of radiotherapy dosimetry has been presented. Referring to the beam intercomparisons it was found that the absorbed dose stability is below 5%. Dosimeter intercomparisons ratified that dosimeters from three radiotherapy centers have overestimated measured values, but for dosimeters from two centers it was found out as necessary to introduce some corrections concerned with chamber calibration factors. According to the investigation some statistics about dosimetry equipment, methods, low regulations and education were given. National metrology chain could be considered as one of the basic conditions for quality control in radiotherapy dosimetry. It requires legal metrology procedures, international and national intercomparisons, as well as routine measurements and field instruments control according to the national recommendations. Education in MP has to follow the existing European programs.
  Key words: Quality control; Radiotherapy; Dosimetry
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