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  Year: 1999 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 71-74
  Actual Problem
Anastasios MANTHOS, Louiza ECONOMOU, Antonia SIOGA, Charikleia DESTOUNI, Charitini NEPKA, Konstantinos KAPLANIS, Chryssi FOROGLOU
  Background: Radiation therapy is one of the most effective treatments in uterine cervical cancer. The response of cancer cells to radiation is an essential factor in defining the prognosis for each individual patient.
Methods: Thirty cases of advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix were treated by radiation therapy, for five weeks, with a total dose of 5.000 rads. The age of patients ranged from 31 to 71 (mean age 45 years). Cytological specimens were taken from every patient, and at the same time biopsy material was received from at least two areas of the lesion, in order to be examined by transmission electron microscopy. Specimens were taken before the initiation of radiotherapy, at the end of the second week during the radiotherapy, and at the conclusion of radiotherapy at the end of the fifth week.
Results: The cytological alterations from radiotherapy in the second specimen were augmentation of the cell size, vacuolization of cytoplasm and nucleus, multinucleation, existence of profound nucleoli, shrinking of the nuclear periphery and presentation of apoptotic cells. the ultrastructural alterations were the lysis of the nuclear membrane in places, some mitotic figures, the abundance of cytoplasmic vacuoles, and the increase of glycogen. In certain specimens the capillary vessels presented destruction of the basal membrane and endothelial thickening. The cytological specimens, following the end of the radiotherapy (third specimen) showed more pronounced alterations, in comparison with the second specimen, with pyknotic nuclei and elements of fibrosis. In the ultrastructural level there was a clear diminution of cancer cells, as well as an increase of collagen fibers.
Conclusion: The cytological and ultrastructural examination of specimens, derived from women with squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix under radiotherapy, are significant parameters in the evaluation of the radiotherapy response.
  Key words: Cervical cancer; Radiotherapy; Cytology; Biopsy; TEM
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