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  Year: 1999 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 180
  Letter to the Editor
In the year 2000, the Archive of Oncology enters its eighth volume. Considering the circumstances (economical, political, and, above all, the war) in which this journal has been published regularly, this is ipso facto a great success. Naturally, this must be ascribed to the serious and constant efforts of the journal editorial board. These efforts have resulted also in indexing in secondary periodicals such as Excerpta Medica. I believe that this is a step forward for recognizing the journal as a true international one; next step will hopefully make it covered by the most important indexing journals - Current Contents, CABS etc. Certainly, neither this task is easy, nor the aim will be easily achieved; let's hope that the strict adherence of the editorial board to the agreed publishing criteria will finally succeed. An other question which interests the authors publishing in your journal is the categorization in the Ministry of Sciences of Yugoslavia. As you know too well, this is of great importance for evaluating the work of the researchers. Recognizing the journal as an international one classifies it in higher category, thus attracting the attention of authors. I cannot help myself feeling that the readers of your journal, although much interested, are insufficiently aware of these important items. That is why I suggest to the Editorial board to enlighten these topics. Such an Editorial, which might deal with the short history of the journal, the editorial policy, ranging and ranking the journal etc., will undoubtedly met the vivid attention and be welcomed by your audience.
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