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  Year: 2001 | Volume: 9 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 103-106
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Ljiljana VUCKOVIC-DEKIC, Branislav RIBARIC, Brankica VRACAR
  Background: Our aim was to investigate how the application of scientometric parameters, which are lacking in the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of Serbia's (MSTS) criteria for evaluating the scientists, influences the scientists' ranking.
Methods: In the final report of a four-year research, supported by a MSTS grant (13M13), and realized at the Institute for Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, top twelve scientists - six full-time researchers and six clinicians - were selected from a list obtained by ranking the scientists according to the MSTS's criteria. The authors of papers published in peer-reviewed journals were evaluated by several scientometric parameters: the papers/author index (publication count); the authors/paper index (coauthorship); the numeric weighing factors based on the position of author in author list; the score of points gained by the MSTS's criteria for evaluating papers according to the impact factor of the journal they are published in. The authors were ranked according to each parameter, and each resulting rank list was compared with the starting one. The final rank list was obtained by total rating (score of points gained by the author's position in previous rank lists).
Results: With rare exceptions, implementation of each of these criteria changed the starting authors' positions. The final rank lists, obtained by the implementation of the whole set of scientometric parameters, also differed greatly from the starting ones.
Conclusion: The changes of positions on the basis of either individual or the whole set of parameters reflect various publishing habits of the authors. The main changes, due to the implementation of the parameters lacking in MSTS's criteria, indicate that these should be incorporated in the current system of evaluating the scientists.
  Key words: Science; Writing; Authorship; Evaluation Studies; Bibliometrics
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