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  Year: 2013 | Volume: 21 | Issue: 3-4 | Pages: 151-154
  Special Article
Gorana Matovina-Brko, Maja Ružic, Milotka Fabri, Lazar Popovic, Ivana Kolarov-Bjelobrk, Jasna Trifunovic
  The natural course of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection depends on the immune status of the host. In cancer patients, as the consequence of immune suppression due to chemotherapy and malignant disease itself, the balance between replicative potential of the virus and immune response of the host is disrupted leading to acute HBV infection or reactivation. We present a case of HBsAg positive, diffuse large B cell gastric lymphoma patient CD20+ staged IB, treated with six cycles of R-CHOP protocol and two cycles with rituximab monotherapy. Five months after the successful anticancer treatment, patient developed reactivation of chronic HBV infection (ten-fold increase in liver enzymes, HBsAg+, IgM antiHBc+, HBeAg(-), and HBV DNA 5×106 copies/ml). Antiviral therapy with lamivudine was started. Four weeks after the antiviral therapy initiation liver enzymes were in normal ranges. One year after the start of antiviral treatment HBV DNA PCR test did not detect any viral particles. The patient is in complete remission of malignant disease, and still receiving therapy with lamivudine. HBV screening in cancer patients is necessary in order to provide a prompt antiviral therapy and to prevent postponement or even cessation of planned anticancer treatment. HBsAg positive patients should start prophylactic antiviral treatment before the start of immunosuppressive treatment. Chemotherapy protocols consisting rituximab and corticosteroids significantly increase the risk of reactivation. If reactivation is diagnosed in course of chemotherapy, the therapy should be stopped and antiviral treatment should be applied as soon as possible. Treatment with lamivudine is continued at least 6 months after the chemotherapy end.
  Key words: Hepatitis B; Recurrence; Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin; Antineoplastic Protocols; Lamivudine
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