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  Year: 2010 | Volume: 18 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 153-155
  History of medicine
Leposava Kljaic, Radoslav Borota
  Dr. Milenko Petrovic was one of the very distinguished physicians in the history of the city of Sombor, who significantly contributed to the development of healthcare in Vojvodina. His father Dimitrije was a professor in the High Teacher training school in Sombor, a recognized writer, and a politician of his epoch. Dr. Petrovic was born in Sombor in 1884, where he was educated and finished grammar school. For medical studies he moved to Budapest as a boarder of the famous Tekelianum, and graduated in 1908. He started specialization in surgery, but being a great patriot he voluntarily recruited in the Serbian army to fight in Balkan liberation wars against Turkey. For his excellent work as a war surgeon he obtained many recognitions. After completing specialization in surgery in Debrecen, he returned to his native city Sombor, where he intended to practice as a physician, but because of the outbreak of World War I he was mobilized and sent to the front in Galicia. After the war he returned to Sombor where he was immediately nominated for the chief county physician and then begins his fruitful many years’ work on the establishment and promotion of the healthcare in Sombor and its broader territory. As the chief county physician he initiated the foundation and construction of the hospital in Sombor, because of high mortality rate among children and spreading of contagious diseases like tuberculosis and trachoma. The construction of the hospital was completed in 1925 and Dr. Petrovic was appointed its first director and this duty he performed for many years till the World War II in 1941. Under his management the hospital in Sombor became one of the best quality hospitals in the country and gave a big contribution to the promotion of health of the inhabitants of Vojvodina. In spite of his extensive duties in the hospital, Dr. Milenko Petrovia was very much engaged in social work as the president of library Laza Kostic, in the Soko association, Fire brigade, Rotary club, and he was a collaborator in the Red Cross, Adriatic guard, and in the Church community. Since 1930 he worked as a professor of hygiene in the High Teacher-training School, just like his father. He was arrested and persecuted not only during the World War II, but after the war as well by communist authorities, because he was regarded as nationalist, monarchist, and anticommunist. He died unrecognized in 1950, and now finally came the time for objective evaluation and recognition of his valuable professional work.
  Key words: Famous Persons; Physicians; History of Medicine; History, 20th Century; History, 19th Century; Serbia Non MeSH Milenko Petrovic
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