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  Year: 2012 | Volume: 20 | Issue: 1-2 | Pages: 26-27
  Case Report
Dragana Tegeltija, Aleksandra Lovrenski, Milana Panjkovic, Živka Eri, Ištvan Klem
  DOI: 10.2298/AOO1202026T
  Testicular fibroma is a rare benign tumor of gradual growth, usually in the third and fourth decade, in the form of a hypoechogenous nodule with clear boundaries and is usually not accompanied by hormonal abnormalities. Metastasis and recurrence of disease were not noted. A 40-year-old male saught medical attention due to pain in the lower back that spread to the pubic bones and the groin. During physical examination, a painless nodule with clear boundaries was palpated in the right testicle, and the ultrasonographic examination revealed hypoechogenic zone with vague boundaries of about 10 mm in diameter. Standard biochemical analyses of blood and urine tests and tumor markers (CEA, CA 125, CA 19-9, AFP and âHCG) were within the physiological limit. Histopathologic analysis set a diagnosis of testicular fibroma. The absence of sex cords in the tumor tissue made it possible to diagnose the patient using standard staining methods, but in cases where these elements can be histologically verified, immunohistochemical analysis should be introduced into a routine diagnostic algorithm.
  Key words: Testicular Neoplasms; Fibroma; Diagnosis; Histological Techniques
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