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  Year: 1998 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 67-69
  Actual Problem
Benko ADANJA, Hristina VLAJINAC, Sandra SIPETIC, Nikola KOCEV
  Pancreatic cancer is characterized by high incidence and high mortality rates in developed countries and low ones in developing countries. To analyse pancreatic cancer mortality in Belgrade population and itOs secular trend.
Material and Methods: Age-adjusted death rates per 100,000 population were calculated separately for males and females, using the direct method of standardization and the world population as the standard. The least square method was used to fit mortality rates to different trend curves. During the period 1975-1994 increasing mortality trends for cancer of pancreas were established in Belgrade population in both sexes. The increase of mortality was parallel to the increased consumption of coffee, alcohol and tobacco.
The observed trend is in agreement with the increasing mortality of pancreatic cancer registered almost everywhere in the world.
  Key words: Pancreatic cancer; Mortality; Trend
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