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Dear patients,

During your stay at the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina you are obliged to obey the hospital House Rules and to cooperate with our staff. Acknowledging the employees who are taking care of you and observing the conditions of stay at our institution, you enable smooth organisation of diagnostic and therapy procedures that are a constituent part of your treatment. The Excerpt from the House Rules is located in every sick-room at a visible spot. In case of your inability to read or comprehend it, please ask a medical nurse to assist you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Dear patients, we wish you a pleasant stay at our institution and we hereby remind you of your obligation to observe the House Rules during your stay at the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina (OIV) for the purpose of:
efficacious and safe diagnostics and treatments of high quality,
ensuring working and order procedures on the health-care and other premises of the OIV,
safety of patients, employees and visitors,
prevention of the occurrence and/or spread of hospital infections,
exercising the right on confidentiality of personal and medical data,
respecting the dignity of the employees of the OIV as well as acknowledging their working engagement at the Institute,
a high quality of mutual communication among patients, patients' representatives and employees,
prevention of the occurrence and/or diminution of undesired events,
oenvironmental preservation.

Usage of a personal mobile telephone is allowed with time limitations, in all in-patient units of the OIV, except for the Ward for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, as well as during the course of all diagnostic procedures and outpatient checks. You must turn off the mobile phone at wards in the time of ward rounds conducted by physicians and nurses, therapy procedures, and nurses' treatments of patients.


Dear Patients, during the stay at the OIV the following is not allowed:
consumption of nicotine, alcohol and drugs,
behaviour disturbing order, peace and silence in sick-rooms, other premises and grounds of the OIV,
sitting on others' sick-beds and visiting patients in other rooms or wards,
unsafe behaviours: standing up from the bed when not allowed, sitting on the window sill or the window,
damaging hospital inventory, equipment, walls, etc.,
disposal of waste in rooms, corridors, grounds of the institution, outside waste bins,
entrance into working premises of the ward (studies, operating rooms, outpatient departments and treatment rooms) without invitation,
hanging and drying laundry on windows, radiators, etc.,
usage of electric plates and heating devices,
regulating and/or turning on cooling devices of one's own initiative without knowledge of the nurse,
feeding birds on windows.

Patients may not disturb the works of sanitation and hygiene maintenance in sick-rooms and on other working premises by their presence or in any other manner. In accordance with their health condition, a patient is obliged to contribute to hygiene and cleanness of the sick-room, as well as any other premises they are using.

A patient is obliged to take care of the hospital clothes, linen and inventory, as well as to pay for any material damage made to the institution in the full amount.

Patients are committed to communicate with and conduct themselves towards health-care and other employees of the hospital with appreciation.

Patients are allowed visits by priests of all denominations in the room, for the purpose of religious rites which do not disturb other patients. A room in a chapel on the 2nd floor is also at the disposal of the patients.

Patients are allowed visits of members of non-government organisations as part of organised events with the consent of the Manager of the OIV.


During the course of using health services at the OIV, a patient is committed to actively participate in the process of diagnostics and treatment, to truthfully inform the medical workers about their health condition and to adhere to the instructions, prescribed therapy and undertaken measures. In case a patient does not observe their legal obligations, the competent medical worker may cancel further provision of the health protection (except for urgent medical aid), and will record the reasons into the history of the illness, and discharge the patient with the note "at one's own request", on which they will inform the Manager of the OIV (the Law on Health Protection, Article 43, Paragraphs 1 and 2).


Dear patients, during the course of the hospital treatment at the OIV a compulsory schedule of daily activities is defined pertaining to all organisational units except for the Intensive Care Ward*:
06:30 Waking and personal hygiene
07:00-07:30 Sampling for examinations and nurses' rounds
08:00-08:30 Breakfast
08:15-14:00 Physicians' rounds, diagnostic and therapy procedures and nurses' treatments
12:00-12:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Physician informs the patient or representative on the diagnose, current condition and treatment pathway
14:00-16:00 Visiting hours, maximum two persons simultaneously with one patient
18:00-18:30 Dinner
19:00-20:00 Evening rounds of physician and nurses on duty
21:00-06:00 Night rest
Night rest starts at 21:00 and lasts until 06:00. In this period the lights, TVs and other appliances are turned off, and patients are asked to stay in their rooms.


Obligations of individuals visiting patients of the OIV:
Observing the visiting hours from 14:00 to 16:00, and the presence of at most two persons simultaneously with one patient;
Informing the medical nurse at the ward about the name of the patient being visited, and the information whether food and drinks out of the scope of the prescribed regime may be brought;
In case consumption of food and drinks (water, herbal drinks or juices) out of the scope of the prescribed regime has been allowed, these are to be brought exclusively in a small, original package;
When coming to the Intensive Care Ward for a visit or a consultation, protective clothes, mask and rubber over-shoes are provided, and when entering and exiting it is mandatory to wash one's hands as the basic measure for the prevention of hospital infections. It is not allowed to bring in food and drinks, as well as to use personal mobile telephones;
It is not allowed to bring belongings necessary for a patient out of the visiting hours. Please address a nurse who will hand in the brought belongings. We kindly ask you to observe the time-table of our daily activities;
In the cases of declared epidemics and in the situations when a health worker estimates that a visit might have a negative influence on the patient's health condition, the visitor(s) will be returned and we kindly ask you to obey such orders;
In case you are suffering from a cold, have a higher temperature or you are in the process of examination of the possibility of having an infectious disease, please refrain from visits since you are directly endangering our patients and the staff of the OIV.

When coming to the Intensive Care Ward for a visit or a consultation, protective clothes, mask and rubber over-shoes are provided, and when entering and exiting it is mandatory to wash one's hands as the basic measure for the prevention of hospital infections. It is not allowed to bring in food and drinks, as well as to use personal mobile telephones at the Intensive Care Ward.

Ward physicians and medical nurses/technicians are in charge of the observance of the House Rules during visiting hours. At a request of a medical worker and a Security Service worker, a visitor's visit may be terminated due to their disregard of the House Rules. A visitor is obliged to enable the examination of their bags, luggage and vehicles in case of any suspicion of any objects being brought in or taken out which can jeopardise the safety of the patients and the employees, or which cannot be classified as a patient's personal belongings. Observing the rules, you acknowledge the staff that participates in your treatment and contribute to the maintenance of safety at the OIV.

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