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Oncology Institute of Vojvodina is a tertiary level healthcare institution from the Network plan of health institutions of the Republic of Serbia, which provides onkology healthcare services on secondary level as well as on tertiarz level.

Program of comprehensive treatment of oncological diseases in our Institute, which is the reference health institution in the territory of Vojvodina and teaching base of University of Novi Sad, contains the following areas:
prevention and early detection,
diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation,
recording data done by hospital information system, and by hospital registry of Oncology Institute of Vojvodina,
reserach and education.

Oncology Institute of Vojvodine integrates medical education and scientific research in order of continius improving work quality, according to secure healthcare standards and preservation of the environment.

By teamwork, with maximum use of available resources constantly strive to achieve a high level of satisfaction of our patients, ie our service users and employees, ie service providers, while reducing the risk of unintended consequences.

Our constantly striving aim is to achieve the highest possible standards in providing the widest range of high-quality healthcare to all whose health is threatened by malignant disease, but also in all segments of the work of Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, through informing of each employee with the strategy and the evaluation of the initiative of each participant in the work .

Our mission is to promote professionalism and human relationships to man, with modern medical and information and communication technologies and respecting ethical principles and codes, through the implementation of activities aligned with national health policy.


The Institute aims, based on many years of experience, to keep one of the most important position of the national centers in the field of oncology, and the most efficiant center in the country.

By teamwork, satisfaction and motivation at work, creating the feel of safety for employees and patients and achieving the highest level of professionalism and quality in forehand and maximally individualized providing of medical care services to to patients with malignant diseases, are guiding ideas in our continuous development.

We are committed to support and invest in scientific research work and connecting with other oncology centers and educational and scientific institutions in country and abroad.

The main direction of our activity is to build modern, efficient, accredited health facilities, sing all available resources, which work is carried out to the highest standards of the medical profession with the use of modern information technology and systems improving health and improving the quality of life of our patients.


The dedication and care for each patient:
through the provision of modern, high-quality and timely diagnostic and therapeutic services in the best possible and maximum individualized and patient-friendly manner, by trained, educated and competent staff;
through respect for the rights of the patients, the absence of any kind of discrimination, and in such a way that the patient in each step in the process of work receives a confirmation of respect their own integrity and security.

Professionalism and excellence in work and provision of health services::
through setting high standards in the provision of healthcare services and constantly improving the quality of work, stemming from the readiness of the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina to provide continuous education of employees, as well as their ability to adopt and implement new and improved techniques and methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Creating a sense of security for patients and staff:
through the equalization of the importance of creating a sense of security with quality services and high standards in the provision of health care services, which is provided by professional, responsible and committed attitude towards the patient, while the relations between employees are based on tolerance, respect and fairness, and tending a team approach to work. The focus is on the safety of both patients and staff, which, among other things, is done by an unavoidable follow the prescribed procedures in all aspects of the work of Oncology Institute of Vojvodina.

High level preservation of the environment:
all diagnostic-therapeutic work at the Oncology Institute of Vojvodina,as well as following processes necessary for healthcare institution functioning are done not to threaten natural enviroment in which is Institute situated in any way.

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